Eye-rolling at old trends is almost as fun as celebrating new ones. That was certainly the case with this Kitsilano mixed-use home that was called “chic” and “grand” in a 1985 issue and then “possibly a little too perfect” and “certainly a little too colourful” in 2001. It was designed by Architecton, the firm of Kanau Uyeyama, who crafted the space for both his home and his office. In the 2001 issue, the home was used as a prime example of postmodern shame. Writer Trevor Boddy claimed “no architect will ever admit to using postmodernist forms.” Brutal.

John Sherlock/Western Living January 1985
Credit: John Sherlock/Western Living January 1985
John Sherlock/Western Living January 2001
Credit: John Sherlock/Western Living January 2001

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