From “The Thursday Night Feast” (February 1978) to “Paella by the Pool” (June 1984), Western Living recipes have always aimed to serve up a good time.

paella by the poolDerik Murray/Western Living June 1984

Paella by the Pool

June 1984
Just something nice and light to accompany your dip: sangria, gazpacho, paella a la Valenciana, crema catalana.

dinner with manoJack Bryan/Western Living August 1974

Dinner with Mano

August 1974
“Mano Henedy is a Hungarian dress designer.”

thursday night feast indonesianWestern Living February 1978

The Thursday Night Feast

February 1978
Literally 20 Indonesian dishes. The table was loaded.

fancy fishDerik Murray/Western Living March 1987 

Fancy Fish

March 1987
There is shark on this menu. SHARK.

christmas dinnerWestern Living December 1973

For Christmas Cheer

December 1973
It just isn’t the holidays without a ham covered in cream!

From the Archives: Nominees for Worst Dish Name

“Raisin Sauce”
“Casserole for Ten”
“Sour Cream Noodles”
“Ham Fingers”
“Fluffy Hard Sauce”