When you design a dream home from scratch for your family of four, of course you're going to want to build something that will last—something that will still fit your needs as the kids grow. "They wanted it to be classy, durable and not stuffy, with a focus on comfort and family," explains Annaliesse Kelly of Vancouver's Annaliesse Kelly Design, who helped put together this three-storey, 5,000-square-foot space for a young Vancouver family.

That meant embracing a timeless palette and effortless functionality. "We designed a white-on-white concept, pulling in natural elements to complement the beautiful outdoor space surrounding the home and added pops of colour for a playful tone." Custom millwork offers ample storage to keep clutter to a minimum, and brass accessories and colourful artwork round out the sophisticated-but-casual look. "They just wanted a space they were excited to come home to," says Kelly.

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