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Not all mattresses are created equal. Many factors can determine if a mattress will work for you. Side sleepers need a unique blend of support and comfort to help them sleep soundly. We’ve put together a list of the best mattresses for side sleepers in Canada to help you choose a mattress that will work for you.

Our top picks for the best mattresses for side sleepers in Canada

Which type of mattress is best for side sleepers?

There are three different types of mattresses. They are classified by their construction and materials, which offer different levels of support, motion isolation, and temperature control. These popular mattress types are: foam mattresses, hybrid mattresses, and innerspring mattresses.

The type of mattress you need is based on personal preference.

Foam mattresses use layers of memory, latex, or poly foam. Dense foam layers create a solid, supportive base, while softer comfort foam creates a cloud-like experience. Memory foam, the most popular option, cradles your body and helps relieve pressure points. However, it retains heat. Latex foam stays cooler but doesn’t provide the same contouring. It makes up for it with a satisfying bounce.

Hybrid mattresses have layers of springs under layers of comfort foam. They are the best of both worlds, offering both the firmer support of an innerspring mattress and the cradling softness of a foam mattress.

Innerspring mattresses use connected spring layers to offer firm support. The layers of comfort filling don’t offer the same cloud-like support as a foam or hybrid mattress. This is the most common mattress and is usually only available in brick-and-mortar stores.

Are these mattresses a fit for you?

Buying a mattress is a personal experience, and every mattress isn’t going to be perfect for you. Here are some of the things you can look for to ensure these mattresses are to your liking…

  • Body Type: Your weight and body type can affect the type of mattress that you need. Your weight determines how far you sink into the mattress. Heavier sleepers get more support from firmer mattresses, whereas lighter sleepers may find firm mattresses uncomfortable. If you weigh less than 130 pounds, you may appreciate a softer mattress. Someone weighing more than 230 pounds might need a firmer option.
  • Edge Support: Side sleepers who share the bed with a partner may benefit from extra edge support. Some mattresses become less supportive as you reach the edge of the bed. Since side sleepers need a little more support, they should aim to find a mattress that offers edge-to-edge support.
  • Sleeping Temperature: Some people get warm when they sleep, which can make sleeping uncomfortable. Temperature control is especially important for memory foam mattresses, as they tend to hold on to heat. If you often wake up feeling overheated or sweaty, choose a mattress with cooling gel or other temperature control measures.
  • Motion Isolation: If you sleep next to a restless partner, you might need a mattress that offers motion isolation. Foam mattresses are naturally better at preventing motion transfer, but some mattresses have additional features.

The ideal mattress for a side sleeper…

  • Cradles the body to relieve pressure points
  • Has a medium or medium-firm firmness level
  • Provides firm support for the waist and hips
  • Keeps your spine aligned while sleeping
  • Has reinforced edges for those who sleep with a partner

Why does sleeping position matter?

Each sleeping position requires support in a different area. Side sleepers need hip and waist support, whereas stomach sleepers need waist support almost exclusively. Those who sleep on their back need hip and back support.

The way that you sleep also creates certain pressure points, which can be uncomfortable. Side sleepers often have pressure points on their shoulders and hips. A proper mattress can help cradle these pressure points, which can help you sleep more comfortably.

Combination sleepers may cycle through every sleeping position throughout the night, spending enough time in each position to develop pressure points. They need support all over, with special emphasis on the hips, waist, and more.

Side sleepers require a little more support throughout the middle of the mattress. They can also benefit from the cradling effects of memory foam to reduce pressure points where they form. Side sleepers should aim to keep proper spinal alignment to continue to sleep comfortably. A medium or medium-firm mattress is often the best for side sleepers. This firmness level can address all of a side sleeper's needs.

Best Overall: The Douglas Mattress


Side sleepers need a mattress that offers support and relief for pressure points. The Douglas Mattress ticks all of those boxes. Its all-foam design features several layers of proprietary eco-conscious materials to create a supportive, comfortable, and cooling experience.

The CoolSense cover wicks moisture away from your body as you sleep, leading to the superior cooling technology. The first layer of ecoLight cooling gel contours to you just like memory foam. However, it works to keep heat away from you rather than holding it close to your body. This layer is also made with 40% less carbon than standard memory foams.

The next layer is made of supportive Elastex foam. This layer mimics natural latex, but it’s entirely hypoallergenic. This layer is responsive, so you get a decent amount of contouring without feeling like you’re falling into the mattress.

The bottom layer is a dense support foam engineered to stop motion transfer, making this a great mattress for couples as well as side sleepers. This layer also provides edge support, so you can sleep comfortably near the edge of the bed.

This mattress offers a great balance of support, comfort, and features like motion isolation and temperature control. When it comes to firmness, this mattress comes in at about a 6.6, or Medium. That’s a great number for side sleepers. Better yet, the Douglas Mattress is made and available exclusively in Canada. The company takes pride in using domestic production to create these mattresses.

The Douglas mattress is available in all six standard mattress sizes. You can use its platform, adjustable, slatted, and box foundations. When using a slatted foundation, make sure that the slats are 2" or wider and that they are less than 3" apart. The foundation should have a centre beam for larger sizes. This helps support the foam properly so that you get your best nights’ sleep.

You can try the Douglas Mattress for a period of 120 nights after purchase. When the first 30 days have passed, you can return it for a full refund. If you choose to keep it instead (and we think you will!), you’ll have a full 15-year warranty. This protects against sagging, indentation, and tears in the foam.

Warranty: 15 years / Trial Period: 120 nights / Firmness: Medium (6.6/10)

Available online

Best Hybrid: Logan and Cove Mattress


Logan and Cove’s Luxury Pillow-top Mattress offers everything a side sleeper needs in a luxury package. This mattress features a soft pillow-top supported with layers of memory foam and springs. In addition, you can choose your firmness level. If you prefer a softer mattress, choose the Medium Plush. It’s a 6.3 on the firmness scale. The second option, Luxury Firm, comes in at a 7.7, definitely on the firmer side.

Both firmness options come in all six standard mattress sizes. No matter which you choose, you’re getting a cloud-like, comfortable experience that cushions all of your pressure points and works to keep your spine aligned.

Logan and Cove’s mattress is a hybrid, meaning that it uses a support layer of zoned and pocketed coils. This layer helps to keep your spine aligned, provides adequate lift even for a pillow top and memory foam hybrid, and helps with motion transfer. Each spring is individually spaced and wrapped, so they don’t transfer motion between them.

Above the thick spring layer are two layers of high-density bio-foam. One layer provides transitional support (so you don't feel the coils below). The other creates a support system specifically for the topper. Inside the topper are two layers of cooling gel foam. A layer of high-density cushioning foam keeps you cool, and the second layer of memory foam cradles your body without holding in heat. The very top layer is a silk blend fill that has you sleeping on a cloud.

Good news for couples: aside from the motion isolation technology, this mattress also offers edge-to-edge support. Side sleepers who have to crowd near the edge of the mattress will still get the most out of its supportive coils. Maximum edge support is available in the Luxury Firm option, but the Medium Plush isn’t lacking in any way.

When it comes down to it, the Logan and Cove Mattress is great for side sleepers. It features all of the luxury options you want with enough support and comfort for just about any sleeping position. Further, it offers lumbar support, which means that it works better at keeping your spine aligned no matter what position you’re sleeping in.

If you aren’t sold on the Logan and Cove Luxury Pillow-Top Mattress, you can try it for 120 nights after your purchase. After the first 30 days, you can return the mattress at no cost. Used mattresses are donated to local charities, so don’t be afraid to return the mattress if you don’t love it.

Still, we think that you’ll have a great nights’ sleep on this mattress. If you choose to keep it after the 120-night trial, you’ll have all the benefits of a 15-year warranty to go along with it.

Warranty: 15 years / Trial Period: 120 nights / Firmness: Medium Plush (6.3/10), Luxury Firm (7.7/10)

Available online

Best Cooling: GhostBed Luxe Mattress


Do you often wake up sweating at night? The GhostBed Luxe may just be the solution for you. This medium-plush mattress offers surprisingly deep support, contouring, and cooling technologies. No matter how you measure your comfort, the GhostBed Luxe delivers.

This bed holds the title of the coolest bed in the world. That means that you can sleep comfortably no matter how hot you get at night. Over 20 years of industry research has led to this bed, which uses seven layers of support foam, cooling foam, and tech that most other beds can’t match.

It starts with the cool, phase-changing Ghost Ice cover. It reacts to your body heat, transferring warmth down to the other layers once it gets above a certain temperature. This warmth is dealt with by several layers of gel memory foam, including a Ghost Ice layer that is proprietary to GhostBed. This layer works to keep you and the core of the mattress cool, so it’s perfect for side sleepers. Hips and shoulders sinking into the foam won’t encounter any heat at all.

These cooling foam layers serve another purpose as well. Each layer is made with memory foam in mind, so you get the deep cradling that you would expect. Thankfully, this mattress doesn’t let you get hot. Still, it contours to relieve pressure perfectly, leaving you feeling as though you’re sleeping on a cloud.

The Ghost Bounce Layer offers a latex feel in a transitional foam. You won't feel the high-density support layer beneath, and the bed will remain responsive despite all of the memory foam. Together these layers work to keep your spine aligned properly as you sleep and cushion your every move to adjust to new potential pressure points.

And it does all of this while keeping you cool and preventing motion transfer. If you have a restless partner, this bed will help you sleep more soundly. It’s the perfect mix of features for side sleepers, with amazing support and unbeatable comfort.

The GhostBed Luxe Mattress comes in all standard mattress sizes, with the addition of a Split King for couples who prefer their own space. You can try the GhostBed Luxe for 101 days after purchase. After the first 30 days, you can return the mattress if it’s not for you. If you keep it, you’ll get a full 25-year warranty to cover any defects.

Warranty: 25 years / Trial Period: 101 nights / Firmness: Medium-plush (6/10)

Available online

Best Memory Foam: The Novosbed Mattress

novos-4While sleeping position has a lot to do with comfort, it isn’t the only factor to consider. The Novosbed mattress is extremely customizable, making it easy to choose your perfect firmness level without sacrificing comfort or luxury.

The Novosbed Mattress has three basic firmness levels. You can choose the Soft option (a 3.2 on the firmness scale), the medium option (3.7), or the firm option (5.1). These options form the base of your mattress, but you can further customize it with Novosbed’s Comfort+ kits.

If you decide that the firmness you chose isn’t right for you, you can get a Comfort+ foam topper kit. These kits increase or decrease the firmness, so you can fine-tune your Novosbed mattress to your exact preferences.

Regardless of which firmness option you choose, the Novosbed mattress is made of three levels of foam. The cover is washable and can be zipped off easily, revealing an interior cover that protects the mattress and keeps the foam layers together. Inside is a layer of comfort foam, a cooling foam that cradles your body and pulls heat away from your body.

The middle layer of transition foam further forms to your body, relieving pressure and keeping you elevated from the dense support layer underneath. This layer provides a balanced support system that helps keep your body aligned, so you sleep more comfortably.

All of the foam used in the Novosbed mattress is an open-cell foam, which helps keep heat from building up. Even the warmest sleepers won’t be uncomfortable on the Novosbed.

If you want to try the Novosbed, consider the 120-night sleep trial. After purchasing the Novosbed, you’ll have 120 nights to decide if you like it. After the first 30 days, you can order a Comfort+ kit to help improve your experience with the mattress. If you still don’t like it after the 60th night, you can return the mattress at no charge.

The Novosbed mattress is available in all six standard mattress sizes and can be used with most solid foundations. After purchase, you can take advantage of a 15-year warranty that protects you in the unlikely event of a manufacturing defect.

Warranty: 15 years / Trial Period: 120 nights / Firmness: Soft (3.2/10), Medium (3.7/10), Firm (5.1/10)

Available online

Best Support: Casper Wave Mattress


Side sleepers need unique, targeted support to sleep comfortably. The Casper Wave Mattress supports side sleepers where they need it most, with dense foam and gel pods under the middle of the mattress. Together with the layers of memory foam and coils, this mattress keeps you comfortable while supporting your pressure points.

The Casper Wave Mattress is a hybrid mattress that uses a layer of springs and additional edge support to help all sleepers get a good nights’ sleep. If you need additional cooling features, the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow offers a cooler experience. However, this mattress is no slouch either – you won’t wake up sweating on the Casper Wave Mattress unless you get extremely hot while sleeping.

This technology starts with a layer of cooling gel on top of AirScape foam. Casper's Airscape foam is a proprietary perforated foam that adds gel cooling in addition to channelling heat away. This layer provides a luxurious first impression for the mattress. The layer underneath, the second layer of Airscape foam, is a little thicker. It can properly deal with large amounts of heat, moving it away from you even when you’re sunk into the mattress.

The next two layers are the most important for side sleepers. The first of these, a Zoned Support Max layer, uses perforated AirScape on the top and bottom of the mattress. The middle uses a firmer mattress to provide spine and hip support. This helps keep side sleepers more comfortable at night.

The next layer is, again, unique and helpful. This layer of Zoned Support Max foam is contoured to be firmer and more supportive at your hips and waist. Inside this layer are 86 different gel pods that add cushion and additional support at the most critical areas. The layer of zoned, pocketed coils that form the base layer keep motion isolated.

The edges of this mattress are supported as well, using a dense layer of polyfoam surrounding the coils. Side sleepers can be comfortable near the edge of the mattress as well with these features. When it comes to firmness, the Casper wave comes in at a Medium (6.5). It's available in all standard mattress sizes.

If you want to try the Casper Wave Mattress, you’ll get a 100-night sleep trial with your purchase. After the first 30 days, you can return the mattress for a full refund if it’s not for you. When you decide to keep it (which we think you will), you’ll have a 10-year limited warranty.

Warranty: 10 years / Trial Period: 100 nights / Firmness: Medium (6.5/10)

Available online

Best Pressure Relief: The Puff Lux Mattress


The Puffy Lux Mattress is a great all-foam mattress with a ton of simple, helpful features. The medium firmness is the perfect option for side sleepers, and the layers of comfortable foam help cushion your body and provide the all-over support you need.

The expert construction begins with a stain-resistant cover. It zips off so it can be washed at home, and it will always come out of the dryer looking new again! This cover is also hypoallergenic and helps reduce allergy triggers, which can be helpful for certain users.

Inside are four layers of breathable foam. Each contributes to the soft, breathable feel of the mattress. It starts with a layer of Cooling Cloud Foam to keep you comfortable if you sleep hot, and this is followed by a layer of Plush Dual Cloud Foam. Together, these layers contour your deepest pressure points, which is ideal for side sleepers. The foam used here is adaptable, meaning it works to balance your body weight at critical pressure points like your shoulders and hips.

Below these layers is a layer of Climate Comfort Foam, which works to cool the core of the mattress so you aren’t affected by heat. This layer works to remove all heat filtered down from the previous layers, too. Even though this is an all-foam mattress, those deeper layers stay cool. Finally, the Foam Core Support Base gives the mattress shape and distribute body weight.

This mattress comes in all six standard mattress sizes. It’s compatible with any foundation, so you don’t need to purchase a new base to use the mattress. It comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. Your mattress is protected for as long as you own it! If you want to try the mattress before committing to a purchase, you can take advantage of Puffy’s 101-night sleep trial.

Warranty: Lifetime / Trial Period: 101 nights / Firmness: Medium (5)

Available online

Best Value: The Noa Mattress


The Noa Mattress is a luxury hybrid that uses all different mattress materials to create a comfortable, dynamic sleeping experience. Though it’s a luxury mattress with great materials, it doesn’t come at a luxury mattress price. There are four available sizes, including Twin, Full, Queen, and King. No matter the size you choose, all layers of foam are REACH-certified, which is the European equivalent of Certi-PUR-US. This means there are no VOCs, and it’s made with only the best materials.

This mattress is about a 7 on the firmness scale, which is classified as a medium-firm. It works well for side sleepers who need a little extra lumbar support, especially due to all of the different materials. The cover is made of sustainably-sourced Tencel. It’s hand-tufted for comfort and quality. Below the cover is a layer of cool, responsive latex foam. It’s an open-cell latex with hypoallergenic properties while cradling your body.

The next layer is a gel memory foam, which provides cooling relief. It contours to your body, relieving your pressure points and moving heat away from your body at the same time. It’s soft and comfortable.

The next layer is adaptive transition foam, which works to keep you away from the coil layer below. In addition, it helps to isolate motion. No matter how much your partner moves, you won’t be able to feel it on your side of the bed. If you often wake because your partner is restless, this is a great solution.

The coil layer is made with thick, quality steel. The springs are individually pocketed, so they compress separately. This offers superior support and helps isolate motion at the same time. It’s great for airflow, too. These coils help align your spine, keeping you comfortable and giving you support right where you need it.

A perimeter of edge support foam sets this mattress apart. The wall is thicker than most of the others we’ve seen, which provides greater edge support. You’ll get the same sleeping experience from one edge of the mattress to the other.

The Noa mattress is responsive, supportive, and uses every material it can to enhance your sleeping experience. Whether you need temperature control, extra support, or motion isolation, this mattress delivers. It comes with a  15-year limited warranty, and you can try it for 120 nights before committing to the purchase.

Warranty: 15 year limited / Trial Period: 120 nights / Firmness: Medium-firm (7)

Available online

Further Considerations

Before making a final decision on your online mattress purchase, consider these things…

  • Size: Mattresses usually come in six sizes. The smallest, the twin (or single) size, is best for just one person. Likewise, the Twin XL (a slightly longer twin) and double sizes are best for single sleepers.
  • Those sleeping with children could be comfortable on a double (or full) mattress, or perhaps even a queen-sized mattress.
  • Couples should go with either queen or king sizes, as they offer the most room. California King is the largest size, and it's ideal for couples sleeping with large pets or children.
  • Foundation: The foundation of your mattress is just as important as the mattress itself. This firm base offers support for the mattress. It reduces sag and helps your mattress support you. Some mattresses require certain foundations to work properly, so make sure to take a look at the size and type of foundation that the mattress needs.
  • Trial Options: It’s difficult to shop for a mattress online. You can’t try them out like you can in a brick-and-mortar mattress store. Thankfully, mattress companies use sleep trials to get around this issue. You can try the mattress for some time after purchasing (usually 30 to 120 nights). If you don’t like it, you can return it for a full refund within the trial period.
  • Some mattresses have a minimum trial length. You might have to keep the mattress for a full month before returning it, for instance. However, all should accept returns within the time frame of their trial period.
  • Off-Gassing: Most mattresses you can purchase online are foam mattresses. New foam has a certain odour that 'off-gasses' when you open the mattress for the first time. Some all-foam mattresses need a couple of days to lose their odour. Keep this in mind before ordering.
  • Warranty: The warranty period on online mattresses usually starts after the sleep trial ends. These mattresses have warranties of between 10 and 25 years. Some will replace the mattress if there is sagging or indentations of a certain depth on the surface. Replacing the mattress may cost you a portion of the original purchase price, but this cost decreases over time.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mattresses for Side Sleepers in Canada

What kind of mattress should a side sleeper get?

Any mattress that includes memory foam is best for side sleepers. All-foam mattresses and hybrid mattresses with memory foam layers help contour to your body, relieving pressure points. Plus, it helps to stop motion isolation. Side sleepers may move around more than just about any other type of sleeper, so this is great for your partner.

Is firm or medium-firm best for side sleepers?

Medium or medium-firm mattresses are better for lightweight side sleepers (less than 130lbs). A firm mattress is better for heavier side sleepers (over 230lbs).

Are pillow-top mattresses good for side sleepers?

Pillow-top mattresses are great for side sleepers! They offer enough comfort and support for any sleeping position, including side sleepers.

Choosing your next mattress can be tough, but it’s ultimately a personal choice. Take all of these factors into consideration before deciding on your next purchase. These mattresses are great choices for side sleepers, but your preferences should be taken into account first. We’re sure that one of the mattresses on this list is perfect for you.