Have a question regarding our Designers of the Year awards? Chances are, we've been asked before. Check out our FAQ below and then get ready to enter!

Is there a cost to enter Designers of the Year?

There is a $100 submission fee for each entry (plus tax), payable upon submission of your entry form. With each entry,  you'll receive admission to our Designers of the Year awards night in September in Vancouver. (Date TBA.)

What is the judging criteria?

Each entrant will be judged according to the following criteria: Awards and accolades: what makes this the year that the entrant should be celebrated (body of work, peer recognition, awards, high-profile  projects, media, national/international notice) How innovative is the body of work (fresh, forward-thinking design, unique niche in the field or market, solves problems creatively)?  Points will also be awarded for sustainable design. How successful is the execution of the work (selection, quality, combination of materials, unique techniques and processes, technical proficiency)? The work will also be evaluated by its functional merits, and for its poetic value/design aesthetic.

If I've entered before, may I enter the same projects again?

Yes, unless you have won a Designers of the Year award with those projects in a previous year. Previous winners may enter again, but must submit all new projects. Past winners of the Arthur Erickson award, Robert Ledingham award and “one to watch” categories may enter previously submitted works, provided at least one new project is included in the body of work.

How old can my projects be?

Of the three to five projects submitted, at least one project must have been completed within the last two years. Other projects can be up to eight years old. All projects must have been completed by March 1, 2019.

Do my projects need to be located or manufactured in Western Canada?

Entrants must be residents of one of the four Western Canadian provinces (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba). Projects can be located anywhere.

Can I enter commercial designs for the Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape or Memorial Awards?

For the landscape category, projects may be residential or commercial. All other spatial design categories are for residential projects only.

How many projects do I need to be able to enter?

For most categories, you need to submit 3 to 5 projects. The exception is the “emerging” categories—the Robert Ledingham Memorial Award for an Emerging Interior Designer, and the Arthur Erickson Memorial Award for an Emerging Architect, which each just require 1 to 3 projects to enter.

Can I enter more than one category?

Entrants can enter more than one category; each entry requires a separate cover letter and separate entry fee. Those entering the Maker category cannot enter any other category with the same product.

Can I enter both the Interior Design category and the Robert Ledingham Award category? (Or Architecture and the Arthur Erickson Category?)

Yes, but note that 3 to 5 projects are required for Architecture and Interior Design submissions, and only 1 to 3 are required for Robert Ledingham and Arthur Erickson Memorial Awards. You must submit a separate entry form with fewer projects for the latter two.

What format should the submission package be in?

Beginning in 2019, we will be accepting applications via online form only. On the entry form, you'll be prompted to attach photos (and in some cases, blueprints or site plans) of your projects, and fill out text fields with a designer biography and a rationale for each project. Project photos should be colour .jpgs, 72 dpi, clearly identified by project name. Site plans or blueprints may be PDF or .jpg.

What is the difference between the Industrial and Maker category?

Industrial design should be product designs that have the capability of being mass-produced. Maker design submissions should include products that are either hand-made, or products that cannot fit into other categories like fashion or furniture—examples may include pottery or textiles. If you’re not sure what category your work belongs in, feel free to ask!

When will the winners be notified?

We will announce our shortlist in July. The winners will be celebrated in our September issue, and at our annual Designers of the Year party.

What do I need to know before I start the submission process?

The entry form does NOT SAVE. We recommend jotting down your biography and project rationales in a separate Word doc beforehand and pasting your answers into the form in case of any technical difficulties. Have the following information and documents ready to go for a speedy application process:

  • Biography and philosophy (500 words): outline your background and vision, keeping judging criteria in mind. Include year the firm was founded.
  • Documentation of 3-5 finished projects which includes:
    • Photographs (2-8 of each project): .jpg format, colour, clearly identified by project name
    • Rationale (up to 200 words for each project): Microsoft Word or .rtf only; explain the challenges, context, materials, innovations and results of this work; highlight social or ecological impact. Must include the year the project was completed.
    • For architecture, interior design, landscape, Arthur Erickson and Robert Ledingham categories: Blueprints or site plans (.pdf or .jpg).
    • For Arthur Erickson and Robert Ledingham Memorial Award applicants: Include a brief summary of accomplishments (up to 200 words); include a summary of education/training accomplished thus far on the path toward accreditation as an interior designer or architect.
  • Credit card for paying the $50 submission fee

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