It's the season of giving! Here's what we want to get. From dinnerware to slippers to cologne (can you tell we're a lifestyle magazine?) here are our editors' top holiday wish list picks.


Cranberry Glerups

I became obsessed with these slippers last year, right around the time they sold out everywhere. Or rather, the specific colour I wanted sold out everywhere—because, you know, WFH, pandemic, etc. They came back in stock this summer, but was I looking for warm and cozy during the heat dome? I was not. And now that it's holiday times, they're tops on my list for anyone who wants to give me the equivalent of a hug for my feet. Which is a thing, right? Glerups from Australia Boot Company, $99 Anicka Quin, editorial director
kinto konos tumbler

Kinto Kronos Glass Tumblers

We've always embraced an an imitation-Italian casualness with our home wine service. Our preferred vessel of choice for a nice red is a repurposed Weck jar. Yes, we do have a handful of stemmed glasses, but they're mostly promotional (thanks for having me, Uncorked Marathon!) and live at the back of the cupboard. In the back of my head, I guess I've felt obliged to keep them in the rotation, as if that's the "proper" way to drink wine... but I think this Christmas, it's time to say goodbye to stems and lean into the tumbler life with intention by trading in my swag and recyclables for these Kinto Kronos double-wall glasses. Maybe it's not what a somm would be sipping out of, but it'll be nice to have some glassware in the mix that feels worthy of toasting, not hiding away. Kinto glass tumblers from Welks, $21 each —Stacey McLachlan, editor at large


Creed Aventus Travel Atomizer

I wear cologne every day, except on days when I'm going to wine tastings where wafts of vetiver are generally not appreciated. And here's the thing—even with what seems like a very liberal application routine it takes forever to get through a bottle. So for me (or you if you're buying for me) it's an area where a splurge makes sense. And make no mistake, Creed is a splurge—it's generally at the very top end of all cologne's, price-wise. But it's so much better than 99% of all the other perfume water out there—its notes are strong, its smell is natural and it lasts forever. Seriously, per application I bet that the rip-off that is the Native deodorant (whose early wiles snagged me before coming to my senses) costs more per application. And this set here is doubly awesome, as a vial would fit nicely in my dopp kit such that my olfactory regimen doesn't need to take a pause when I go on vacation or travel for work. There's three vials, which will take me around the world many times over. Creed Aventus Travel Atomizer from Holt Renfrew, $370 for set of three—Neal McLennan, food & travel editor

Sway Stoneware Low Bowls West Elm

Sway Stoneware Low Bowls

I think it was Stacey who told me, years ago when I was doing my internship at WL, that this is a dangerous career to get into—you end up wanting to buy everything you cover. I handle the Shopping section of the magazine and spend hours poring over the most stylish furniture and home decor that Western Canada has to offer. I included these bowls from West Elm in our sister publication Vancouver magazine's South Granville Gift Guide, and I also want them for myself. I love the whimsical design and hardiness of the material. Good quality dinnerware is not something I've invested in, yet—and it would be awful nice if someone took that leap for me. Sway Stoneware Low Bowls from West Elm, $22 each—Alyssa Hirose, assistant editor

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