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FlyOver Canada is the ultimate experiential travel adventure, on at Canada Place until May 3, 2020. 

One February morning in Vancouver I gripped the handles on my seat as I hurtled out of darkness and smack into clouds. Mist hit my face, the clouds parted, and my adrenaline surged as I found myself airborne, rushing through the jagged chasms of Iceland.

My feet dangled as I banked and dipped to avoid collision with the chasm faces. I managed to tear my eyes away from them and glance down at the turbulent river hundreds of meters below.

Thrilled, I hung on as the pilot propelled me over endless vistas of rugged terrain and glaciers; down towards herds of galloping horses then up again. We came so close to a mountain climber standing on a narrow peak that I jerked my legs to avoid clipping him.

Eight exhilarating minutes later I was plunged back into darkness. The sense of motion stopped, and the lights came on. I was sitting in a single aisle of seats with other travellers, and as we unbuckled and filed out of the theatre, we tried to keep our suddenly earthbound legs from shaking.

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Pursuit captures the adventure and thrill of iconic places around the world with a world-class team of filmmakers and flight simulation technology.

This is FlyOver Iceland by Pursuit, which in Vancouver recently premiered at FlyOver in Canada Place. Since first being screened in Reykjavik last August it has earned the distinction of being named one of the top things to do in that city; and it, along with Pursuit’s FlyOver Canada, is why the Canada Place venue enjoys in excess of 600,000 thrill seekers annually.

 First introduced in Vancouver in 2013, the FlyOver experience is made possible by a world-class team of filmmakers and flight simulation technology in which fully-articulated seating telescopes out from the theatre aisle and puts viewers into the center of a 20-metre spherical screen (needless to say, the seatbelts are locked in place until the flyover is finished and the seats retract).


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Experience endless vistas, rugged terrain, and the thrill of Iceland.

Pursuit’s goal is to be “the world’s leading provider of experiential adventure travel,” and it is growing a collection of short films shot in iconic locales throughout the world (as well as opening new venues in Las Vegas and Toronto in 2021 and ’22 respectively).

As a former film reporter who has experienced plenty of vertiginous open-door helicopter rides, all I can think is: ‘Iceland will be hard to top.’

You’ll think the same after hurtling over the Nordic topography and coming back to earth at Canada Place.

Need a taste? Check out this video to see what to expect from FlyOver Iceland.

Learn more about FlyOver Iceland at BC Place or click here to purchase tickets. This feature ride is on for a limited time, now until May 3, 2020.