Calgary’s Analog Coffee may be wading further into “chain” territory with the launch of its sixth—and largest yet—location. But don’t expect the independently owned biz to apply the same cut-and-paste interiors to all of its shops, like other big-name caffeine dealers might. Situated in Westman Village, the bright, 1,600-square-foot outpost is unmistakably Analog—a marriage of warm, weathered woods and industrial black accents—but, thanks to the introduction of some one-of-a-kind elements, it has a personality of its own, too. “The goal was to bring out the soul of the brand and give them this really hip, cool, effortless aesthetic,” explains Sarah Ward, principal designer of Sarah Ward Interiors.

analog coffee 2Michelle Johnson

Working with a bare-bones space, Ward and her team made generous use of steel in the back bar and shelving units. The element was chosen because it tends to develop a patina over time, giving the room a gritty, down-to-earth feel (one aided by the charming black brick pillars) while also ensuring that it would age beautifully. The steel is balanced with cozier elements, such as the mustard-yellow, slate-topped condiment station; the tufted leather Article sofa that sits below a bespoke dome-shaped light; and, at the bar-front, the custom olivewood-veneer millwork by Elkana Woodwork and Design, which is punctuated by a series of hand-milled, black-stained oak ridges.

analog coffee1Michelle Johnson

An eclectic collection of art—curated by photographer and Analog co-owner Chris Prefontaine and local artist Aron Hill—offers plenty of conversation starters. Patrons will find photographs of graffiti, streetscapes and their fellow Calgarians; fantastical watercolour prints sourced from estate sales and thrift stores; and even a portrait of Richard “Cheech” Marin (yes, of Cheech and Chong fame) snapped by Prefontaine. “The owners do lots of gallery walls,” says Ward. “They really love art, so we tried to give them as clean of a space as possible to display that in the café.”

Analog coffee 3Michelle Johnson