We’re all wanting to escape outside into nature while also being moored inside the home—a dichotomy that’s pushing design to get “wilder”: greening living spaces and bringing the outdoors in. Sustainable furniture is taking the lead at design shows worldwide, with studios introducing pieces that use new and unexpected materials that go beyond recycling, to a type of technological biofabrication that transforms lobster shells and apple skins into “plastic” and “leather.” And designers themselves are campaigning to conserve forests while also championing wood as a renewable material. At home, this “rewilding” could mean stretching out on a Sengu sofa made of recovered ocean plastic or perching atop the sustainably sourced wood of the Nest lounger.

brent comberNest cedar lounger by Brent Comber ($22,000), brentcomber.com

east india carpets

100-percent handknotted silk carpet by East India Carpets (8’x10’, $12,500), eastindiacarpets.com

reduxwoodWild coffee table by Reduxwood ($5,000), reduxwood.com

ikea bamboo deskLillåsen bamboo desk by Ikea ($179), ikea.ca

gather block stool provide barter

Gather block/stool by Barter ($618), providehome.com

sengu sofa cassina

Sengu sofa by Patricia Urquiola for Cassina (price on request), informinteriors.com