With one eye on the climate crisis, brands and designers are focusing on handmade originals crafted from wood and ceramic, and a cradle-to-cradle product cycle: ingenious solutions and timeless investment pieces that can be reupholstered again and again as they move through the generations.

“Buying responsibly and knowing where your pieces come from, who made them, what the materials are and what their impact is on the environment is not only eco-friendly,” says designer Francesca Albertazzi of Rudy Winston Design, “it also fills your home with even more stories than your personal ones.”


In Fashion

Discarded scraps from French fashion houses find their way into the Moroccan chiffon Marrakesh stool ($979), handmade and made to order. simons.ca


To the Cloud

Made in Vancouver from sustainable materials, the Mimoko Cloud self-watering porcelain planter ($130) with lichen-glaze crackling will buoy any indoor succulent. orlingandwu.com


On and On

From Barber and Osgerby for Emeco comes the On and On chair ($390) made from 70-percent waste plastic (from bottles that would otherwise end up in a landfill), 10 percent non-toxic pigment and 20-percent glass fibre. kitinteriorobjects.com


Primary Concern

Bamboo requires not a drop of fertilizer to reach great heights, and self-regenerates from its own roots. Here it is, all sustainable and cute, as the material for Poketo’s primary colour bamboo dinner plates (set of four, $58). shop.vanspecial.com


Hide and Sleep

Turn an office into a guest room with the Nuovoliola 10 transforming wall bed sofa in rusty mustard velvet (from $12,555). Its Smart Green mattress is made with 100-percent biodegradable materials, including an organic cotton fibre cover and eco-green foam core layer for sweet dreams. resourcefurniture.com


Bright Idea

U.K.-based Tala believes in “conservation through beauty” and makes decorative LED bulbs retrofitted for other lamps, from the two-watt Candle bulb ($16) to the large Voronoi III bulb ($595). lightform.ca


Sk8er Boi

EWB bench ($2,250). adrianmartinus.com

“I’m a huge fan of AdrianMartinus. They’re a Calgary-based company that has been producing goods made out of recycled skateboards.”Kevin Mitchell, Mitchell Design House


Big Entertainers

Square paddle charcuterie board ($210). steelwooddesign.com

“Steelwood Design is a small local company that makes stunning handmade wooden cutting boards. Each piece is crafted from repurposed wood and has a story. A perfect example of when beauty and sustainability meet. –Erin Chow, The Haven Collective