Eschewing traditional chalet decor, a Whistler condo gets a major design makeover

When you think Whistler accommodations, you likely think ski cabin decor, but the owner of this condo in the heart of Whistler Village was determined to take a different design route and give his space some cosmopolitan flair.

Built in the mid '90s, the 850-square-foot, two bedroom, two bathroom condo was in serious need of an update. The owner was inspired by the hotel rooms of Las Vegas, and he wanted to bring some of that luxuriousness to this mountain getaway.

Alair Homes partner Jason Zavitz headed up the renovation, working with interior design firm Beyond Beige. While no structural changes were involved, Zavitz and his team stripped everything, right down to the studs.

“One of our main objectives was to brighten up the space. We created some three- dimensional design work with the ceiling so that we could incorporate shadow lighting and pot lights throughout. The blinds on the windows were removed and replaced with roll-down blinds and drapery, giving the space some privacy from the village below,” says Zavitz.

The 30-year-old carpeting was removed throughout and replaced with vinyl plank flooring, a durable option that can withstand the onslaught of ski boots and sporting equipment. 

The fireplace remained the central focus of the living room, and was given a dramatic treatment with grey stone tiling from floor to ceiling. The TV was moved off to one side and placed above a stylish bar cart, ready for entertaining.

In order to create more space in the kitchen, some of the appliances were downsized, resulting in more cabinetry for storage and more room to move. 

“We went from a full-size dishwasher to an 18-inch one, and the standard-sized fridge was replaced with a counter depth 24-inch one. This allowed for more counter space and created a wider aisle between the island and the cabinetry."

The two bathrooms in the unit are both full-sized, but the slightly smaller guest bath only had a tiny shower stall. It was replaced with a full-sized wall-to-wall custom shower. Both the guest and master bath were outfitted in-floor heating, new tile work and matte black plumbing fixtures. 3-D tiling was added to the guest bath for some texture and visual interest.

All of the upgrades made for a more comfortable and stylish space for the home owner, while also giving the condo a leg up in the rental pool. 

“Whistler is definitely a competitive short term rental market,” says Zavitz. “The owner wanted to create a look that stood out from other options, and to appeal to those renters who may be looking for something beyond the traditional ski cabin look.”

While the renovation proceeded smoothly, there was one unforeseen hiccup: COVID-19. The project was completed just before the start of the March lockdown, which meant that municipal inspectors couldn’t inspect the site until weeks after it was completed.

Now, the condo is the perfect place for the owner to stay in, kick back and get cozy after enjoying a day on the slopes.

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