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One to Watch

Vancouver’s Julia Mior handmakes rugs that double as artwork.

Shopping + Openings

Artful bar carts, playful circular coffee tables and more pieces and places catching our eye right now.

Outdoor Furniture We Love

Luxe loungers that have us dreaming of our next patio party.


The Collectors

The team at HB Design takes a very global collection of furniture and pairs it with a thoroughly West Coast aesthetic.

A Room of One’s Own

After 12 years and a lot of life changes, it was time to make this home truly hers.

Food + Travel

Foodies of the Year

The chefs, restaurateurs, winemakers and foodie heroes redefining how we eat and drink in Western Canada. 

The Local

The too-charming lakeside patio that will inspire a roadtrip to the Kootenays.

Floating Chefs

Head to Ocean House in Haida Gwaii, and you won’t leave hungry.


Trade Secrets

Lush landscaping to inspire.