Designers of the Year is Western Living magazine’s annual competition for designers from across Western Canada. We’re thrilled every year at the amount of talent to be found in the categories of architecture, interior, fashion, furniture, industrial and landscape design. Winners, selected each year by a panel of celebrated industry judges, are featured in our September issue. Learn more about our Designers of the Year competition.

Architectural Design

2008: Measured Architecture
2009: McFarlane Green Biggar
2010: Marc Boutin
2011: BattersbyHowat
2012: Lang Wilson
2013: Cedric Burgers
2014: AA Robins Architect
2015: Measured Architecture
2016: Design-Built
2017: Campos Studio
2018: McLeod Bovell
2019: Campos Studio

Arthur Erickson Memorial Award

2011: 5468796 Architecture
2012: Public Architecture
2013: Lanefab
2014: McLeod Bovell
2015: MAA Studio
2016: Leckie Studio
2017: MoDA
2018: Gates Suter Architects
2019: Studio North

Interior Design

2008: Evoke International Design and Juli Hodgson (tie)
2009: Mitchell Freedland
2010: Alda Pereira
2011: BattersbyHowat
2012: Juli Hodgson
2013: Robert Bailey
2014: AA Robins Architect
2015: Splyce Design
2016: Douglas Cridland
2017: Project 22 Design
2018: Juli Hodgson
2019: Evoke International Design

Robert Ledingham Memorial Award

2013: Sophie Burke
2014: Atmosphere Interior Design
2015: Kevin Mitchell
2016: Falken Reynolds Interiors
2017: Stephanie Brown
2018: Andrea Rodman
2019: Gaile Guevara Studio

Eco Design

2008: Red Flag Design
2009: This Is It 
2010: Cedric Burgers
2011: Contexture Design
2012: Manasc Isaac
2013: CEI Architecture
2014: AA Robins Architect
2015: JWT Architecture

Fashion Design

2008: Anna Kosturova
2009: Konzuk
2010: Pyrrha
2011: Obakki
2012: Marie Khouri
2013: Obakki
2014: Redfish Kids
2015: Duly Equipped
2016: Truvelle
2017: Claudia Schulz
2018: Truvelle
2019: Béton Brut

Furniture Design

2008: Matthew Kroeker
2009: This is It
2010: Izm
2011: Niels Bendtson
2012: Shawn Place
2013: Brent Comber Originals
2014: MTH Woodworks
2015: Sholto Scruton
2016: Steven Pollock
2017: Kate Duncan
2018: Willow and Stump
2019: Jeff Martin Joinery

Industrial Design

2009: This is It
2010: Rollout
2011: Omer Arbel
2012: Marie Khouri
2013: Loyal Loot
2014: Lukas Peet
2015: Thom Fougere
2016: Matthew McCormick
2017: Annie Tung
2018: Ko Jublio
2019: Zoë Pawlak

Landscape Design

2008: Space2Place Design
2009: Senga Landscape Architecture
2010: Victoria Wood Studio
2011: Paul Sangha
2012: Anne Talbot-Kelly
2013: Considered Design
2014: Green Over Grey
2017: Straub Thurmayr
2018: BattersbyHowat
2019: Planta Design Studio


2016: Cathy Terepoki
2017: Mezzaluna Studio
2018: Kalika Bowlby
2019: Natalie Gerber

Ones to Watch

2008: Walker McKinley, Rod Whitman, Zachary Fluker, Colleen Baran
2009: Molo, Catherine Regehr, Sabrina Hill, Shaun Ford, Marc Boutin, Bruce Wilson, Claudia Baik
2010: Ryan Scarff, The Sky is the Limit, Christian Woo, Contexture, Justine Brooks, Lanefab
2011: Richard Davignon, John Greg Ball, Dina Gonzalez Mascaro, Robert Faulkner, Jenny Martin, Green Over Grey, Shape Architecture
2012: RUF Project, Atmosphere Interior Design, JWT Architecture and Planning, Manitobah Mukluks, Palette Industries, Cory Barkman, Straub Thurmayr
2013: Rectangle Design, Amanda Hamilton Interior Design, One Seed Architecture and Interior, Eliza Faulkner, Sticks and Stones, Jordan Tomnuk, JWT Architecture
2014: Campos Leckie Studio, Marrimor, Fat Crow Design, Poppy Barley, Jeff Martin Joinery, Concrete Cat
2015: Studio Bup, Mtharu, Truvelle, AdrianMartinus
2016: Wendy W. Fok, Autonomous Furniture Collective, Lara Presber, OneTwoSix Design
2017: Becki Chan, Ko Jubilo, Claire Kennedy Design, Studio Brovhn, Rachel Saunders 
2018: Jamie Gentry, Studio North, Shipway Living Design, Green Elevations, Benjamin Oswald
2019: New Format Studio, Grandi, Tantalus Design, Origins and Biophilia Design Collective

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