Revisit the best of Alberta design.

At last week’s Designers of the Year Calgary event, we were reminded once again of how awesome the Alberta design scene is. Check out work from this year’s finalists below.


alloyhomes-millcreekMill Creek House, Alloy Homes, Calgary.davingonmartin_sifton-0116-rd-western-livingSifton Residence, Davignon Martin, Calgary.webdejong-design-st-andrews-heights-01St. Andrews Residence, DeJong Design Associates, Calgary.thirdstone_lg-house1LG House, Thirdstone, Edmonton.

Arthur Ericsson Memorial Award for an Emerging Designer in the Field of Architecture

jr-studio-sather-exterior-rearPrivate Residence, JR Studio, Calgary.WebMission Towers, MoDA,, Studio North, Calgary.


lara-presber-commute-5Commute Skirt, Lara Presber, Calgary.01-poppybarley-springSpring Collection, Poppy Barley, Edmonton.


onetwosix-design06_loop_phone-booth_3Phone Booth, OneTwoSix Design, Edmonton.


adrianmartinuspool-rolling-pin2Recycled Hardwood and Skateboard Rolling Pin, AdrianMartinus, Calgary.onetwosix-design-rocking-chair_2Rocking Chair No. 1, OneTwoSix Design, Edmonton.sumer-singh-sagrada-2Segrada Chandalier, Sumer Singh, Calgary.


amanda-hamilton-elbow-river-residence-05Elbow River Residence, Amanda Hamilton, Calgary.aly-velji-lakeviewresidence2Lakeview Residence, Aly Velji, Calgary.cridland4RC House, Douglas Cridland, Cridland Associates, Calgary—voted WL Interior Designer of the Year!

Robert Ledingham Memorial Award for an Emerging Interior Designer

alyveljibarrebelleBarre Belle Studio, Aly Velji, Calgary.elena-del-buccia-modern-ranch-libraryModern Ranch, Elena del Bucchia, Calgary.javier-martinez-img1-copyD House, Javier Martinez, Calgary.rochelle-cote-calbridge-lotto-home2386masterHospital Home Lottery, Calbridge Homes, Rochelle Cote, Calgary.


amanda-hamilton-alloy-collection-05Alloy Pillow Collection, Amanda Hamilton, Calgary.cory-barkman-floor-lamp-3Floor Lamp, Cory Barkman, Calgary. 

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