It’s that time of year again: Western Living‘s 16th annual Designers of the Year competition is now open for entries. Apply today and go head-to-head with the best designers in Western Canada in categories like interior design, architecture, fashion, industrial design and more. The 2023 deadline is April 3.

Winning a DOTY award is awesome—but don’t take it from us. We asked our 2022 award winners for testimonials about last year’s competition. Here’s what they had to say.

A Word from the Winners: Western Living’s 2022 Designers of the Year

Piers Cunnington and Clinton Cuddington of Measured Architecture. Photo by Carlo Ricci.
Piers Cunnington and Clinton Cuddington of Measured Architecture. Photo by Carlo Ricci.

Architect of the Year 2022

“Winning Architecture Designer of the Year is incredibly important to us. To be recognized for an award focused on the region we work in simultaneously reinforces the rich and diverse talent of Western Canada, the need for our future clients to look from within rather than seeking a voice disconnected to place and our gratefulness to remain relevant over our career within this pool of talented makers. To have won this award multiple times in the discipline of architecture and interior design intrenches the importance for our professions to continue to break down the boundaries between.” –Clinton Cuddington of Measured Architecture, 2022 Architect of the Year

“We are so grateful and humbled to have received this award. Everyday we’re inspired by the expertise, creativity, and passion we see in the industry around us, and to be recognized within this talented community brings us a deep sense of pride and responsibility. This title doesn’t just recognize the work that went into it, but it’s a source that continues to push us to use architecture to empower all involved.”–Piers Cunnington of Measured Architecture, 2022 Architect of the Year

Deagan MacDonald. Photo by Carlo Ricci.

Maker of the Year 2022

“Being recognized with a DOTY Award is honestly just an amazing feeling. The caliber of design here in Western Canada is at such a high level, and seeing your own work represented alongside an inspiring roster of other designers is a wonderful moment. The impact of the award on our business is impossible to overstate—the connections we have built within our design community are the foundation of our studio.”—Deagan McDonald of Origins, 2022 Maker of the Year

Aileen Lee
Aileen Lee, founder of Vestige.

Fashion Designer of the Year 2022

“Winning the DOTY award connected me with other Canadian designers. On top of the recognition I received, I love that it brought the local community closer together. Like myself, there are many others out there who have been honing their craft alone for years. I hope more of their work can be acknowledged and shared.”—Aileen Lee of Vestige, 2022 Fashion Designer of the Year


Studio Roslyn bunk beds
Kate Snyder and Jessica MacDonald. Photo by Conrad Brown.

Robert Ledingham Memorial Award Winner 2o22

“This award meant the world to our whole studio. Kate and I have put so much of our time, energy and heart into our projects and to see that recognized by our design community and Western Living was incredible. Something like this truly stops you in your tracks and forces you to pause and reflect on everything you’ve accomplished, and for that we are so, so grateful.”—Jessica MacDonald of Studio Roslyn, 2022 winner of the Robert Ledingham Memorial Award for an Emerging Interior Designer

Mario Paredes of Workbench Studio. Photo by Kyoko Fierro.

Industrial Designer of the Year 2022

“Winning a DOTY award and being recognized by the design community in Western Canada fueled me with great motivation to continue to design and make intentional and functional pieces that my clients can enjoy on a daily basis. The award has helped Workbench Studio to gain much more presence in the design community in Canada and has contributed to expand my network. I encourage established and also upcoming designers to apply, as the awards can contribute to a step up their design careers, opening a new range of exciting opportunities!”—Mario Paredes of Workbench Studio, 2022 Industrial Designer of the Year

Scott Posno. Photo by Carlo Ricci.

Arthur Erickson Memorial Award Winner 2022

“I feel I am now part of an esteemed design community in Western Canada, and to win an award bearing Arthur Erickson’s name is a tremendous honour. I have admired the work of past award winners for years in the pages of Western Living magazine, and I am very honoured to have my name included in the company of so many talented designers. After winning the award, interest in my work certainly grew—I felt increase in demand straight away and could be more selective with future projects.”—Scott Posno, 2022 winner of the Arthur Erickson Memorial Award for an Emerging Architect

Ben Leavitt

Interior Designer of the Year 2022

“Nothing quite compares to having your work and vision recognized by both your peers and those you look up to. Being named Designer of the Year has given myself and the PlaidFox team an inextinguishable excitement and drive to continue to push creativity and thoughtful design. The recognition has opened doors and continues to allow us opportunities for growth and daily experimentation.”—Ben Leavitt of PlaidFox Studio, 2022 Interior Designer of the Year

Nicholas Purcell. Photo by Carlo Ricci.

Furniture Designer of the Year 2022

“What an honour!! It was so wonderful to be celebrated for all my efforts and contribution to the design community. If you’re thinking of applying, you should; a little recognition can be a great encouragement.” —Nicholas Purcell, 2022 Furniture Designer of the Year