Yes, we’re still dreaming of the day when we can all pile into a crowded space together. To have big, hug-filled reunions and catch up€”in person!€”about how life has been these last 18 months or so. 

But until then, we can still be celebrating the incredible work of our 2021 Designers of the Year.

This year's Designers of the Year Awards is a COVID-friendly, intimate celebration with just the winners themselves giving their heart-felt speeches.

But fortunately, you can still be a part of it! We'll be live-streaming this year's awards ceremony on Facebook Live, starting at 6:30pm on Thursday, September 23.

We hope you’ll throw on your best set of joggers, bring a glass of sparkling to the sofa, and chat with friends from the design community on our Facebook page. And of course, celebrate along with our winners!

Special thanks to our presenting sponsor, Caesarstone, and our awards sponsors, Provide and Trail Appliances.

Designers of the Year Awards 2021

Thursday, September 23
6:30 pm
Facebook Live!