The deadline for our 15th annual Designers of the Year awards is fast approaching: April 1, 2022 is just around the corner now.

There are 9 categories for the awards, ranging from architecture and interiors to fashion, industrial and furniture design—and more!—which you can read all about on our Entry Page

What makes our awards special? Judges look at a body of work, rather than one project or moment in time. Winning the title of Designer of the Year reflects a holistic celebration of all of the work you do.

Without further ado, we’re thrilled to announce the incredible judges for our Industrial Design category for the 2022 WL Designers of the Year.

katrine jopperud

Katrine Jopperud, Helly Hansen

Katrine Jopperud is the Design Manager for the ski category at Helly Hansen in Norway. With a master’s degree in Industrial Design, her interest in both the outdoors and technical design brought her into the sports apparel industry.

She’s worked with several Norwegian technical apparel brands, and during her time at Helly Hansen, lead teams on everything from base layers to high-end technical sail and ski products.

Her latest project works closely with the Norwegian alpine team, and she’s also kitted out the sailors for American Magic and professional sailors, along with pros working on the mountain and in ski resorts.

wiebke braasch

Wiebke Braasch, Ikea

Wiebke Braasch has been a designer with Ikea of Sweden since 2004, and well known for her human-centered designs—including the popular and versatile Risatorp baskets. She designs furniture and accessories based on people’s needs in their everyday life at home, with sustainability and Ikea’s industrial capabilities in mind. She loves exploring, together with the business, the functions and forms to meet customer needs, and finds it inspiring when considering industrial capabilities and optimised transport. Part of Ikea’s Democratic Design approach, for Braasch it means that many people can afford beautiful and sustainable products that make their everyday lives a bit better.


Tim antoniuk

Tim Antoniuk, University of Alberta

Tim Antoniuk is an Associate Professor of Industrial Design at the University of Alberta and is the owner of ARCHITURE, a micro space design, research and production company. He co-founded Hothouse Design Studio in the early ’90s, and worked with international design companies such as DROOG. Over the last 15 years Tim’s research and practice has investigated the production of morphing/shape-shifting materials, products and interior spaces. Currently a partner in one of Western Canada’s largest historic adaptive re-use projects, Tim and his team are transforming Hangar 11 (Edmonton) into a 200,000sf. multi-unit development that will explore new concepts of how the environmental sustainability and emotional durability of buildings, architecture, history and placemaking can enhance the vibrancy of winter cities, communities and districts.