Cinda Chavich’s latest cookbook helps readers cook and eat smart while saving the planet one recipe at a time.

Cinda Chavich’s latest cookbook, The Waste Not, Want Not Cookbook: Save Food, Save Money, and Save the Planet, is a must-have for every kitchen: it goes over how to get the most out of your food. According to UNESCO, forty percent of food in North America is lost to waste and more than half of that happens in household trash or compost bins. As an award-winning food journalist and author of various other cookbooks, Chavich’s combats food waste and teaches readers, with over 140 new recipes, how to do their part all the way from the grocery store to the rubbish bin. Her new cookbook works as a guide on how to transform leftovers, create new dishes, store and preserve food, shop better in bulk, and create a feast that can feed a family for up to three whole days. Between the pages, readers can expect facts on the food waste crisis, the truth about composting, and a debunked myth on the so-called “best-before date,” as well as delicious recipes for every occasion.WasteNot_cvrFor a sneak peak, here are a few interesting tips Chavich provides on Berries:Buy: Strawberries should be red all the way to the green hull without any white or soft spots.Store: Berries can last only a couple of days in the fridge.Serve: Don’t wash your berries until you want to eat them. If your strawberries are slightly under ripe, slice and toss with a small drizzle of reduced balsamic vinegar.Don’t Waste It: Mash fresh raspberries on toast. Add blueberries or raspberries to pancake or muffin batter. Dip whole strawberries into dark chocolate. Make raspberry vinegar.Readers can find similar styled tips on all other food types in every chapter of  The Waste Not, Want Not Cookbook.