From thirst-quenching Pink Lemonade to lavender gin, these five summer cocktails make the best of the Okanagan Valley’s craft spirits.

With a weekend of entertaining before us we talked to Okanagan’s finest craft distilleries to get their top summer cocktail recipes:

1. Lavender Gin Martini recipe from Legend Distilling


2. Pink Lemonade Cocktail recipe from Legend Distilling

Pink Lemonade

3. Legacy Apple Collins recipe from Old Order Distilling

Old Order Distilling

4. Spirit Bear Cucumber Collins recipe from Urban Distilleries

Urban Distilleries

5. Summer Pear Cocktail recipe from Maple Leaf Spirits Craft Distillery

Maple Leaf SpiritsRead more about the Valley’s exploding craft distillery industry: “Okanagan Spirits Pioneering the Craft Distillery Boom.”