Do try these recipes at home.

Summer is pretty great as-is, but let’s be honest: the warm season is so much better with a cold drink in hand. So we asked some of the best bartenders in the West to create unique cocktail recipes that are perfect for poolside sippin’—enjoy! (If these don’t quite wet your whistle,  try one of the other bevvies from our Recipe Finder.)

1. In Bloom

As delicious as it is stunning, this cocktail from Liam Bryant, head bartender at The Acorn, is a delicate mix of brandy, aperitif wine, sea buckthorn syrup and orange bitters (a clever mix that mimics summer sunsets). Be sure to photograph this one before taking a sip!

2. The Beekeeper

The Beekeeper, mixed with a herb-infused Italian liqueur, is L’Abattoir‘s take on the classic Tom Collins. Head bartender Katie Ingram insists it’s best enjoyed on a hot summer night—the mint, lime and chamomile flavours are refreshingly cool.

3. Caipirinha

When mixology first emerged in the early 1880s, bartenders were (rightfully so!) praised within their community. And Bruce Gillespie, co-owner of Victoria’s Little Jumbo, celebrates the art of mixology like no other with his establishment’s signature Caipirnha. In addition to being Brazil’s national cocktail, the citrusy bev (made with cachaça, lime and sugar) was originally crafted to cure the Spanish influenza. Cheers to good health!

4. Rhuby Rad

It’s hard to go wrong with Kim Crawford sauvignon blanc, a flavourful blend from New Zealand’s wine country—and the Rhuby Rad cocktail is no exception. It has everything you need for an afternoon on the patio (read: passion fruit and gooseberry-infused wine, lemon, rhubarb syrup and Lillet Blanc apertif).

5. Old Norse

The Oakwood‘s exquisite, easy-to-make summer cocktail contains equal parts aquavit, aperol and tawny port—and is garnished with a sprig of dill. (Bartender Mike Shea believes it tastes better with locally sourced aquavit and suggests you try Sheringham Distillery.)

6. True North

The True North cocktail is Rosewood Hotel Georgia‘s homage to Canada, celebrating our great country with every ingredient: Canadian whisky, ginger wine, local apples and, of course, maple syrup.

7. Dauphine’s Song

Though Proof YYC is still somewhat new to the scene (the old-fashioned cocktail bar opened its doors in 2015), it’s already developed a reputation as one of Calgary’s finest cocktail rooms. Head bartender Makina Labrecque concocted this gorgeous rosé and gin cocktail after being inspired by the fresh aromas of Provence roses. Can you think of a more magical backstory?

8. Royal Silk

True to Whistler standards, Araxi‘s summer cocktail menu has everything you need for a relaxing weekend—and its Royal Silk cocktail (made mostly of gin, havana rum and vermouth) is no exception. Plus, the bevy’s apple and lime juice combo packs the perfect summer punch.

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