Long Table Distillery and craft bartender Cole Benoit invite you to their new cocktail laboratory.

10261262_1507446039483720_1450774302_n Aptly named for having a fourteen-foot-long local sequoia redwood tree trunk as a table in the middle of their tasting room, Long Table Distillery believes in the idea that good drinks should be shared with good company. As Vancouver’s first micro-distillery, Long Table specializes in premium small-batch spirits made in a 300-liter copper pot on-site at the foot of the Burrard Street Bridge.The distillery takes advantage of the resources that British Columbia has to offer, and with the help of their incredible network of foragers, they use mostly local, natural and organic ingredients in the recipes of their handcrafted spirits. Even the water used in their liquors is sourced from BC’s Coast Mountain Range.With a newly designed tasting room, the distillery has recently rolled out its new cocktail laboratory event, lead by craft bartender and The Apothecary Bitters Company‘s co-founder Cole Benoit. The cocktail laboratory intends to bring friends and strangers together to experience drink mixtures created from craft bitters, syrups, botanicals and Long Table’s signature spirits. Sit back and allow Benoit to amaze you with his expertise and knack for combining unexpected flavours beautifully.For conversation and cocktails that linger and please, grab your best drinking buddy and be sure to make it to the cocktail laboratory on Thursdays and Saturdays between 1-7pm. 1451 Hornby St., Vancouver