Perfect ice Scotsman’s professional ice machines are now available for the home.

Whether it’s a sour,fizz, or sling, cocktail culture is thriving. Master mixologists and homebartenders alike are getting more creative and daring in their drinks,incorporating everything from bitters to botanicals.

Keen drink-makers likelyhave all the gadgets, too, like, muddlers, shakers, and strainers.

One of the mostcrucial components of a delicious, well-made beverage, however, is often themost overlooked: ice.

Fresh, pure ice, andthe right kind, can elevate a drink from tasty to tantalizing.

No matter what kinddrink you prefer, one thing can make it better: Scotsman ice, theideal ingredient.

The crystal-clear,odourless ice melts slower, won’t clump or dilute your drinks, and is tastefree. It’s flawless.

Now, you can mix updrinks like a pro in your own kitchen or backyard bar with Scotman’s commercial-gradeice systems designed for home use.

Scotsman makes severaltypes of ice machines for those who want high-calibre refreshments in thecomfort of their own home: a luxury you deserve.

Throughout the summer,Western Living readers have the chance to enter and win a new prize fromScotsman each month.

Scotsman ice isperfect for premium liquor and mixed drinks and turn any beverage occasion intosomething special, a must-have for those who love to entertain and impresstheir guests.

There’s nothing worsethan putting the final touches on a cocktail than pulling out ice that smells“old” or, worse, like the contents of your freezer.

What may be lesswell-known is that there are different shapes and types of ice for differentkinds of drinks.

Not only does Scotsmanpure ice keep drinks cold, it also helps retaintheir flavour.

After over 50 years ofresearch, innovation, and superior customer service, Scotsman isproud to say there are more than a million Scotsman ice machines atwork around the world today, in more than 100 countries.

Scotsman’s BrillianceGourmet Cuber produces crystal-clear, hard, odourless ice with a distinct form.The unique shape prevents clumping and allows the cubes to melt slowly. Thismeans the ice won’t dilute drinks as quickly, and they’ll stay truer to theflavours you want.

The stainless-steelScotsman Legacy Cuber makes ultimate clear-as-glass, non-clumping ice. It fitsneatly under the counter, and its odourless cubes stay fresh.

Scotsman’s Brilliant NuggetIce Machine makes ice that’s soft, crunchy, and chewable. Scotsman invented thecompacted form and introduced it to the food-service industry in 1981. Untilrecently, nugget ice was only found at select restaurants.

Fun to crunch, thenuggets absorb drinks’ flavours and cool beverages quickly. It’s ideal for softor blended drinks, smoothies, and food displays—and makes drinks instantlyInstagrammable.

Ideal ice is theultimate luxury.

The First Prize is a bottleof Johnnie Walker “18 Year Old” Scotch Whiskey (with vanilla, almond and orangenotes) and Nachtmann Noblesse Scotch glass, decanter, and tray set, worth $350.

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The last day to enter is July 9, 2019. Winner will be announced on July 11, 2019.

Terms: To enter, the contestant must be of legal drinking age in their province and reside in B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, or the city of Thunder Bay, Ontario.