After all, you’ll want to make this Lavender Gin Sour recipe.

The days of mixing a jigger of gin with a splash of tonic and calling yourself a good host seem to be ancient history. These days, if you don’t have an array of bitters, shrubs and tinctures you can’t call yourself a home bartender. But as is so often the case, salvation arrives in a hip flask-shaped bottle: custom small-batch simple syrups from Vancouver-based Cahoots are the perfect shortcut to mixology greatness. Use one of their cold-steeped concoctions (the lavender is sublime) to do the heavy lifting in a clever cocktail, you supply a few ounces of the hard stuff, and, voilà, the party is saved.

Your best bet for utilizing these magic potions: a Lavender Gin Sour. Garnish with fresh lavender for extra credit.

Get the recipe: Lavender Gin Sour

lavender gin sour