Cheer on your boy Leo in style.

In case you missed the office memo, this Sunday, February 28 is the 88th annual Academy Awards, the year’s grandest TV spectacle of what-were-they-thinking evening dresses and selfie-snapping celebs.Naturally, a viewing party with one’s fab friends and family is in order, so to prep you for the performance of a lifetime, Vancouver party expert Soha Lavin of Countdown Events is sharing her top 5 essential tips for throwing the ultimate Oscars party.

5 Essential Tips for Your Oscars Party

(Photo: Jenny De Jong.) (Photo: Artiese Studios.)

Start with a colour scheme. “In this case gold is a given, but if you want you can mix in red for the red carpet or add a bit of a chic twist with some black touches,” says Lavin. The party expert also recommends starting with the party invitations, this is where you’ll first introduce your colours and theme.

(Photo: Rebecca Amber.) (Photo: Rebecca Amber Photography.)Come up with a signature drink. “Creating a beautiful self-serve station is probably the best way to go here. Add some gold-rimmed glassware and you’re set.” Our go-to party drink is this Rosemary’s Baby punch, perfect for quenching a crowd. (But if you’re not in the mood to craft a killer cocktail, you can’t go wrong with sparkling wine—find WL‘s favourite list of special-occasion bubbles here).Set the mood and create ambiance with great music. “Create a set list of all of your favourite movie sound tracks or pick some of the top movies du jour.”(Photo: Ainsley Rose.) Dazzle your guests with a glam dessert buffet. (Photo: Ainsley Rose Photography.)Create food station vignettes. “I love bite-sized food, but if you’re creating a self-serve, sometimes it’s fun for guests to make their own nibbles—like a taco station,” says the event planner. “Perhaps even a mini-baked potato station as an ode to The Martian‘s potato garden. A dessert or candy station is also a must for a screening-type party. And of course popcorn! You can dress up your popcorn and serve it in champagne buckets and place seasoning on the table so guests can add as they wish.”(Photo: Ainsley Rose.) It’s all about the presentation! Even popcorn can be Oscar-party-worthy fare. (Photo: Ainsley Rose Photography.)Glam it up with white and gold. Touches of candles, pearls and a mix of white and gold accents will give your party a hint of Hollywood glamour, but Lavin says you don’t need to overdo it. “Keep it to first impressions, some key vignettes and you will win over your guests with your style.”(Photo: Tamiz Photography.) Candles alongside white and gold decor really sets the Oscars theme. (Photo: Tamiz Photography.)