These five tips from the Lazy Gourmet’s Shannon Boudreau will take your party from blah to blockbuster.

Calling all Oscars fans—or anyone else looking for an excuse to throw a party. The 91st Academy Awards are only a few days away, and what better way to celebrate the winner of best picture (or, wait, this winner of best picture, there’s been a mistake) than to throw a movie-themed bash with all of your friends?Take your shindig to the next level with these five tips from the Lazy Gourmet‘s Shannon Boudreau. And the Oscar for the best Oscar viewing party goes to… Boudreau suggests rimming drinks with edible gold for extra sparkle.

1. Try Bold, Gold Decor

“Gold is a classic theme to use for all things Oscars,” says Boudreau. You can use party staples like gold napkins and balloons, or kick it up a notch by cutting gold paper into Oscar shapes, which are great for signage (Best Bathroom—this way!). Try putting candies in sparkly vases or vessels for budget-friendly, edible decorations.

2. Be Snack Smart

Food can be one of the most stressful parts of party planning, and that’s why Boudreau suggests choosing dishes you can make ahead of time. Logistics are important, too: your guests are most likely going to be sitting on sofas or armchairs without tables, so avoid anything that requires a fork or knife. Single-bite hors d’oeuvres and desserts are definitely the best way to go—and to incorporate some Oscar-themed dishes, as well. Call Me By Your Canapes, anyone?

3. Chill Out

“There is nothing worse than room-temperature sparkling wine,” says Boudreau. If you don’t have enough room in your fridge, try filling your sink with ice for an elegant, chilly display. Need some extra pizazz? Cast yourself as the star of the evening by sabring your champagne bottle. To do this, keep the bottle in the freezer and use a knife to pop off the cork (you don’t need to use a sharp blade—even a butter knife will do). Boudreau also suggests setting up an iPad or tablet with a slideshow of the nominees playing throughout your event.

4. Look the Part

TV, food and drinks are all great, but another integral part of any Oscar evening is the fashion. If your guests are on board, ask them to dress for the red carpet. Alternatively, get them to dress as their favourite character from a nominated film. Boudreau is also a fan of setting up a photo booth with props to take the costume burden off your guests—bring the movie magic to them! Little candies, drink recipes and cards are easy and economical ways to make your guests feel special. (Photo: Shannyn Higgins.)

5. Give Away Goodies

Boudreau believes that guests should be given something as they enter the party and have something to take away at the end. These takeaways don’t have to be huge—you can welcome guests with a special cocktail, for example. Try the Lazy Gourmet’s “Oscartini” (gin, creme de violet, simple syrup, lemon and egg white; shaken with ice and served straight-up) or come up with a new concoction. At your party’s finale, send the attendees home with another little something, like a bag of popcorn or a recipe card.

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