Grey Goose Vodka presents insider tips from Alex Ploughman, Sous Chef at Chambar

When dining at Vancouver’s award-winning Chambar, the menu bursts with exciting flavours and ingredients. The internationally influenced fare skips from Belgian to Colombian to French and back again, and teases taste buds with every bite. Chambar Sous Chef Alex Ploughman thrives in an environment that is always stretching its flavour muscles and credits his father for introducing him to new foods and tastes as a child. “From a young age I was able to experience many unique and interesting types of food that most people my age would not have had the opportunity to experience.”Alex’s top summer soiree tips:1. Embrace the seasonTake advantage of the summer months in Vancouver and use as many local fresh ingredients and produce as possible.2. Manage your smokeEnsure your wood is dry so it doesn’t cause an undesired amount of smoke on the barbecue.3. Check your local forecastAlways plan for rain.4. Make this Grey Goose Finest Sarsaparilla11/2 oz of Grey Goose Vodka1/2 oz lemongrass syrup*4 dashes of Bitter SlingRoot beer & Plum bittersTopped with 4 oz of Hopping Mad Cider“It’s light and refreshing, perfect for an afternoon patio session,” says Chef Alex.