A collection of what we’re eating and drinking this October.


Butterscotch Walnut Pie

We’re heading into fall, and that means a few things are soon to make some repeat appearances: ovens, for starters, heating the house and creating such rewards as Rosie Dayton’s Butterscotch Pie. See full recipe here`butterscotchwalnutpie_JanisNicolaySee also Rosie Daykin’s recipe for Butter Pie Crust


Butter Celebrates!

Rosie Daykin is the Dominique Ansel of Vancouver’s west side: a birthday cake from her Butter bakery—where her bestselling cookbook Butter Baked Goods graces the modern bookshelves—is de rigueur for a proper celebration. Now it’s time to make some room, because the follow-up, Butter Celebrates!, is just out and covers all the recipes and tips you need to make your next soiree the best ever. butterbakedgoods.comBookCover


Free Bird Chicken Shack

#105-810 Quayside Drive, New Westminster

Confit Food and Wine

1871 Oak Bay Avenue, VictoriaRead the full article here


Killer Garlic

It’s one of the most common ingredients in the kitchen, but with improper storage, it may also be the most deadly. (Well, unless you’re just chowing down on some raw chicken.) Here’s how to keep your garlic safe and sound. Read the full article herelepasr140800247


The Return of the Food Processor

The food processor stands with Happy Days and the Eagles as a hallmark of late ’70s awesomeness, but somewhere along the way their inability to tackle tough jobs (parmigiano, anyone?) and their loose-goosey approach to waterproof seals (they leaked like Watergate) relegated them to the back of the cooking cupboard. But the new generation of machines—exemplified by Breville’s Sous Chef line—are heavy duty enough to plough through anything without leaking and they look amazing doing it. Talking about knife skills sound cool in interviews, but at home cranking through three onions in 13 seconds is where it’s at. breville.caBreville-Sous-Chef-12-Plus See Travel and Food Editor, Neal McLennan’s October Wine Pick here