Support Famoso Napolitan Pizzeria’s charity campaign, in partnership with Mealshare, by buying some Campania sauce for a good cause.

The Holidays are a time to amp up your charity quotient, and we’ve got a tasty way for you to be a supportive member of your community, while being rewarded with a jar of hand-made, authentic Campania sauce from Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria.Famoso-mealshare-Lowres-1Western Canada’s Napoli pizza kings (and former Western Living 40 Foodies alumni) Famoso have launched a partnership with Canada’s Mealshare program where a purchase of a single jar of Campania sauce means a meal will be given to someone in your community who’s in need. On top of that, all other proceeds are donated to Mealshare’s trusted charitable partners and even their international charity partner, Save the Children.Mealshare has also been growing as an organisation, and are now currently partnered with over 2000 restaurants across 7 cities and 43 smaller communities. This year, with your contribution, both Famoso and Mealshare hope to do even more as meal providers for those less fortunate, and are confident that the generous people of Western Canada are up for the job!To find a local Famsoso near you, click here.To find a local Mealshare in your neighbourhood click here.