Discover the science behind the perfect cocktail at Science World's exclusive afterhours event. 

Nitro keg cooled El Ritmo cocktails created by The Diamond's Giancarlo Quiroz Jesus.I don’t know about you, but I feel as though my potential career in the field of science would have gone much further if my lessons at school had revolved around creating the perfect cocktail. I’ve sampled many gin-based drinks in my day, but I know very little about what is involved in the biology of cultivating a juniper berry, or the physics of a perfect pour. Luckily, the Science of Cocktails event is coming to Science World on February 4, 2016 to provide answers to these sorts of important questions. Don’t worry, I promise there won’t be a test at the end of the night…Grant Sceney from The Lobby Lounge concocts his scientific masterpiece. The Science of Cocktails is the ultimate hands-on cocktail event, where you can sip drinks from the kings and queens of the city’s spirits scene—Bittered Sling’s Lauren Mote, The Diamond‘s Giancarlo Quiroz Jesus, and L’Abattoir‘s Thor Paulson, just to name a few—as you explore Science World after dark. Delve into the physics, chemistry, and biology behind the artistry of your favourite libations, embrace your inner mad-scientist at a liquid nitrogen demonstration, or sneak off to explore Science World’s exhibits with a drink in hand from one of  25 bar stations set to include cocktail selections like a smoked apple martini or an “Instant Moscow Mule” from top-shelf names like Finlandia Vodka and Campari, all paired with canapés from Railtown Catering. So throw a lab coat over your snazziest ensemble—we will see you there.Funds raised from the night will go towards Science World’s class field trip program for under-served schools across the Lower Mainland. For more information and to buy tickets, visit