Where to get the best deals, and our favourite recipe.

As a rule we try to stay away from manias, but every year at this time we get sucked up in the spot prawn extravaganza. Yes we know—when we first started to love the sustainable not-so-little critters they could be had for $9.99/pound. This year we’re hearing rumours of those daring to ask $30 and up.But don’t despair, we’ve gone old school and actually phoned around to find out the best deal and the winner is … T&T Supermarket, which is selling live ones for $15.99/pound. Closely followed by Chinatown’s ominously named Gar-Lock Seafoods at $16.99/pound and then by both Finest at Sea and The Lobsterman who are at $19.99.No matter where you go for spot prawns, here’s a recipe from Charbar’s Jessica Pelland—a Chopped Canada Champion and WL Foodie of the Year—that will turn your wiggly bounty into culinary gold: Ceviche Spot Prawn Toasts spot prawn ceviche western living