The Tacofino duo are building nothing short of a food empire.

One of the most accurate gauges of a restaurant is to ask yourself whether you’d send out-of-town guests there if they had only one weekend. And by that measure Kaeli Robinsong and Jason Sussman’s burgeoning Tacofino empire may be the most successful restaurant in B.C. On any visit to Tofino any time since 2009—you have to hit the Tacofino truck. Or since 2011 on a visit to Vancouver—you have to find the truck there. Or since 2012—the Tacofino Commissary on East Hastings. And, just last year, Victoria and Gastown were added to the list of must-visit spots. Each one is just different enough to make you want to cross them all off your list—the problem is, there are just not enough weekend trips.


 KAELI ROBINSONGOne ingredient everyone raves about but you just don’t see the fuss about?Pulled pork.Pet peeve when you go to a restaurant?It drives me nuts when you have to ask for water.JASON SUSSMANBest cookbook ever?Momofuku by David Chang.Food trend for the coming year?Gourmet fried chicken.2015 Foodies of the Year Tacofino Western Living 2 Try their addictive cicharones at one of their many locations.2015 Foodies of the Year Tacofino Western Living 3 The new digs in Gastown is one of the duo’s most recent accomplishments.