The founder of TH Wines in the Okanagan proves to be quite the terroirist.

A Saskatchewan farm kid plays college hockey and gets drafted to the NHL by the St. Louis Blues, then trains as a sommelier while going to law school in Montreal, and eventually works in New York on Wall Street. Fortunately for Canadian wine fans, the next spin of Tyler Harlton’s wheel of life landed on a career making some of the most interesting handcrafted wines in B.C. under his eponymous TH Wines label. They say a good bottle of wine should tell a story; we’re fortunate that with ambition, enthusiasm and a knack for harnessing Okanagan terroir, Harlton has plenty to share.


Best wine book ever?A Moveable Feast is not a book about wine, but like an exceptional bottle, it is alive with flavour and sensation.

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One bottle that should be on every wine list?Blue Mountain Brut.

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