One of Vancouver first craft breweries, Parallel 49 is growing up with Graham With’s care.

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Head Brewer, Parallel 49, Vancouver

In 2012, fewer than 10 craft breweries were open in Vancouver, and Parallel 49 was one of them. Which makes its 35-year-old brewmaster, Graham With, somewhat of a granddaddy of the scene. But don’t be fooled by the baby face: With has seriously honed his craft over the past five years. In his first 12 months he produced a million litres of beer on the job, and since then he has crafted some of the label’s most beloved bevs: Tricycle, Jerkface 9000 and Apricotopus. Under his watch, P49 has scooped up accolades aplenty (the latest: a gold from the Canadian Brewing Awards), started distributing nationally and into the States and launched a limited-edition brewing collaboration called Brews Bros., as well as starting up Hop Circuit, an annual free tour-and-tasting day promoting the wares of Yeast Van. Now Parallel 49 has transformed its tasting room into a full-fledged restaurant and patio with the help of Measured Architecture—but with With’s savvy, P49’s reach will continue to go much farther than the sidewalk of Triumph Street.


“A lot of new hop varieties have pleasant tropical fruity flavours reminiscent of mangoes and papayas. Some brewers have dropped the bitterness in IPAs to give the beer a ‘juicy’ flavour.”

Dat Juice, Twin Sails

Tropic Thunder, Boombox Brewing

Side Cut, Bridge Brewing

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