Matt Kohlen and Adam Henderson are brewing up a little magic. 

The Chill AF Dudes: Matt Kohlen & Adam Henderson

Owners, Superflux Beer Company, Vancouver

No website. No email. No phone number. No brewery. All signs point to peak hipster, and in another time and place, the enigma that is Superflux—with its just-perfect branding, its preciously high pricing ($22 for a four-pack? Why not? I’m never going to own a house anyway!) and its near-constant panic-inducing shortages—could be all that’s wrong with craft beer. But instead Adam Henderson and Matt Kohlen, both 35, have become the brewers with the golden touch: starting with creations like the now-legendary first run of the hazy Colour and Shape IPA and growing into a series of collaborations with everyone from Four Winds to Steel and Oak, this duo seems to have some innate sense of figuring out what Vancouverites want to drink before they know it. A spicy/sweet porter based on Tacofino’s Diablo cookie? Frickin’ delicious. A hoppy American IPA with the über-meta name of Craft Beer Is Dead? Genius.

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