The Pivoters: Alex Ploughman, Jonathan Burke and Craig & Jillian Sheridan

Principals, Legends Haul, Vancouver

Has there been a more-overused word than €œpivot€ in the last 12 months? But how else do you describe a growing Vancouver restaurant supply company, focused on local fare, that looked the carnage of COVID in the eye and reimagined itself in record time as a direct-to-consumer purveyor of goods, heretofore earmarked for chefs only? The free delivery (on orders over $75), the always-fair pricing and the unbeatable curated selection of foodstuffs have catapulted Legends Haul well past weathering the storm: the company doubled its staff, doubled its fleet and doubled its square footage since the pandemic began. And given that a key part of its inventory is ready-made foods from a broad selection of the region's restaurants, the team is also helping the industry stay afloat€”earning themselves the title of pivot champions.