These chefs, bartenders, restaurateurs, producers and designers are making the West a delicious place to live.

From cheeky brewmasters to push-the-envelope chefs and every plant-based cheese disruptor in between, our top 10 Foodies of the Year are making the West the tastiest place to be.

From top to bottom, left to right:

THE COMMUNITY BUILDERNihal ElwanCreator, Tayybeh, Vancouver

THE FIRE STARTERKevin CamOwner, Baijiu and North 53, Edmonton

THE RISKTAKERJoël WatanabeOwner/Chef, Kissa Tanto, Vancouver

THE VISIONARYMatt DumayneWinemaker, Okanagan Crush Pad, Summerland

THE PLACE-MAKERSJayne and Suzanne BradburyOwners, The Fort Common, Victoria

THE COMPOSERJP PedhirneyChef, Bridgette Bar, Calgary

THE TRANSFORMERSKate Allen, Kristen Lien and Kelly MorrisonDesigners/Architects, Frank Architecture, Calgary

THE SILENT OPERATORMinoru TamaruOwner, Group Restaurants, Vancouver

THE CHEMISTKaren McAthyOwner/Chef, Blue Heron Creamery, Vancouver

THE HUSTLERGraham WithHead Brewer, Parallel 49, Vancouver