So what better time to revisit her sage advice on all things fried chicken.

Top Chef Canada: All Stars just concluded with our friend Nicole Gomes being crowned winner and we couldn’t be happier. For starters the cast was peppered with WL Foodie of the Year alumni like Connie DeSousa (Class of 2011) , Trevor Bird (2013), Curtis Luk (2013). And of course the winner who also won in 2013 (as Nicole Kammerer).We figured the best way to celebrate is to re-share with you  Gomes’s wisdom on how to do fried chicken, and to share with you that she popped by Vancouver magazine’s annual Restaurant Awards celebration earlier this year and let slip that she’s been spending some time in Vancouver of late…so here’s hoping that the West Coast may be soon getting some of what Calgary has known for a while—that Gomes is the real deal.