West Vancouver's Kristina Stosek teaches us how to entertain the gluten-free way.

With summer approaching, it’s the perfect time to host the patio soiree or fabulous alfresco dinner party of your dreams. But what happens when a family member or loved one has gluten sensitivities? Don’t throw out your plans just yet. West Vancouver resident and blogger Kristina Stosek’s Entertaining the Gluten-Free Way” has 128 pages of tips and recipes to make your next event a piece of gluten-free cake.ETGFW“Entertaining in today’s world is not just about delicious recipes—it’s also about understanding allergies, food sensitivities and the benefits of healthy eating,” says Stosek. Instead of walking through the dimly-lit “gluten-free” section of a marketplace and trying to decipher the copious GF lingo, Stosek suggests using everyday gluten-free staples to create dishes that please all—gluten-sensitive or not. From Lemon Raspberry Cake to Gourmet Turkey Burgers to Fresh Chocolate-Dipped Figs, if you’re entertaining gluten-free, this resource is a must-have.Check out this WL exclusive sneak-peak recipe: Stosek’s Gluten-Free Quinoa Salad with Grapes and Sweet Peas.Quinoa w Grapes Sweet Peas