Smoke Show is a green whirlwind of heat, smoke and flavour.

I’m not a fan of ordering food off the internet for the simple reason that, when it comes to consumables, I’m interested in consuming them. Now.When it comes to hot sauce—which I apply liberally to just about anything—and when I want something a bit more exotic, I just ask Editorial Director Anicka Quin to snag me a bottle of Trader Joe’s Green Dragon on one of her frequent trips to Bellingham (weirdly, Green Dragon is also available on the internet from some third-party seller who wants $30 a bottle).But I recently discovered this stuff—Smoke Show—and I’m hooked. It’s from the hot-sauce hotbed of Montreal (which reminds me of this classic Pace Salsa commercial). This isn’t the stuff to get for the crazy brother-in-law who can’t get it hot enough. It’s spicy but smoky and also, weirdly, refreshing and clean tasting. And if you live back east you can probably pick it up near anywhere. But west of Toronto, you can find it in exactly three places: Blanco Cantina in Calgary, Anejo in Calgary and (oddly) the Williams-Sonoma in Chinook Mall (but no other Williams-Sonoma). So if you live anywhere outside a small section of Calgary’s SW, tough luck!But luckily…the internet! You can order it here and unlike the Green Dragon, it’s more reasonably priced at $9 (or you can buy an entire case for $80, which would be baller).