Forget wine tasting€”honey is the new flavour frontier.

honey_stick2Depending on the nectar source, the taste (and colour and texture) of honey can vary wildly. Grab a few jars and find your favourite.


A classic Canadian honey; what you’ll often find in grocery stores. A mild, cinnamon-y taste and a light amber hue.


Honey collected from a plant’s blossom won’t necessarily taste like the fruit grown by that plant. Case in point: blueberry honey, which has a brown sugar-like finish.WildflowerWildflower honey—from nectar collected from a variety of flowers—will taste a little different in every region, so seek it out in your travels for a truly local flavour.


The fireweed plant blossoms after wildfires, so it’s a rare treat. A good fireweed will be almost crystal clear, with a mild, buttery finish. The “champagne of honey.”


Dark brown—almost black!—with a strong, malt-like molasses (almost barnyard) flavour. High in vitamins and antioxidants.clover2