If you only master three dessert recipes in your life, make them these: banana bread, brownies and chocolate chip cookies. They’re crowd-pleasers for any occasion, and the perfect simple comforts for any time of year. After chatting with Jesse Hawes and Triet Duong about their gorgeous Vancouver bakery, Mon Pitou (see it here) we got the dynamic duo’s favourite classic recipes. Read on for the treats you’ll be making for years to come.

Credit: Rebecca Benoit

1. Jesse’s Outrageous Banana Bread

This recipe doesn’t shy away from wet ingredients, yielding a moist and rich bread. (Another secret: using both frozen and fresh overripe bananas.) Find the recipe here.

Credit: Rebecca Benoit

2. Triet’s Favourite Brownies

A chewy, fudgy masterpiece that lasts forever in the freezer (if they make it that far). Here’s how to make it.

Credit: Rebecca Benoit

3. The Ultimate Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies

When you’re craving comfort, this recipe is the answer—you can’t go wrong with chocolate chip cookies. Here’s the recipe.