Don’t be intimated by what you’ve heard€”these three recipes look complicated, but are actually easy to master.

We asked the crack team at Vancouver’s Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts to tell us what dishes sound really impressive…but are secretly no sweat. Here’s what they had to say—and the proof is in the recipes.

It’s Time to Master These 3 Easy (!) Recipes:

Easy Recipe #1: Soufflé

Baking and pastry chef instructor, Mary-Frances Bahun, insists it’s easy to make this light and fluffy dessert. The addition of dark chocolate (at least 60 percent cacao) and Grand Marnier means the flavour rises to the occasion, too.

Easy Recipe #2: Yorkshire Puddings

Julian Bond, vice-president and CEO, shares his simple recipe (you need only four ingredients!) for Yorkshire puddings, a classic accompaniment for Sunday roast.

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Easy Recipe #3: Tarte Tatin

Thanks to prepared pasty dough, executive baking and pastry chef Christine Beard‘s apple tarte tatin is a cinche to make.

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