Comforting beverages and dishes that will make you feel better the day after too many drinks.

‘Tis the season for holiday party after holiday party. And because you may find yourself feeling little off after one too many drinks sometime in the next month, we’ve rounded up a few recipes that will help you combat those post-booze blues.

Hair of the Dog

Drink your way out of a rough morning with a Michelada: a Mexican cocktail of beer and Clamato juice, where the former will provide a numbing effect while the latter will help with dehydration. Just add salt and lime juice, and, in case of Tacofino’s Michelada, a reviving shot of tequila. 

Green Cure

Nutritionist and raw-food chef Merina Koly has the perfect antidote for the day after: the Mean Green Hangover Cure. Don’t mind the hue: the potion tastes far better than you’d expect of a veggie-packed sip. Simply combine cucumber, celery, black kale, lemon, ginger, apple or pineapple, and Italian parsley and enjoy. 

Soothing Soup

Pozole is a rich traditional Mexican soup that is made mostly for special occasions—including hangovers. This slow-cooked stew is made with chicken or pork, hominy (treated dried-maize kernels) and a numerous condiments and toppings. Follow La Taqueria’s recipe for a comforting and delicious pozole. 

Citrusy Remedy

Peruvians swear ceviche is the ultimate hangover cure. Although you’ll have to prepare it a couple of hours in advance, Lisa Ahiers—chef and owner of Sobo in Tofino—has an incredibly easy recipe for a tasty and refreshing ceviche that will make the morning-after discomfort go away—or, at the very least, will make you forget about it while you dig in.