Spot prawns are here for a good time, not a long time each May, so you’ll want to make the most of the fast-and-furious season with these four great recipes.

Hot and Sour Spot Prawn Soup

web_FLDWRK_Maenam_SpotPrawnSoup-2This flavourful recipe comes to us from Maenam chef Angus An. It makes use of the whole spot prawn, including the head and tomalley (the fatty substance found in the head), which An says adds richness and flavour.

Spot Prawn Tartare with Rhubarb Fennel and Pine

spot-prawn-tartare_0668One of the best ways to highlight the natural sweetness of spot prawns is to eat them raw, so Josh Blumenthal of Fresh Ideas Start Here likes to mix them in a tartare with rhubarb, pine and new fennel for that perfect spring accompaniment.

Spicy Ceviche Spot Prawn Toast

Ceviche-Spot-Prawn-Toasts-recipeCharbar chef and 2015 Foodie of the Year, Jessica Pelland, shares this fresh (and spicy) idea for entertaining.

Sashimi-Style Spot Prawns (with Deep-Fried Heads)

bcspotprawnsatmikuThe folks at Miku and Minami restaurants in Vancouver prefer their spot prawns sashimi-style, but like to deep-fry the heads. Here’s their favourite quickie recipe*Chef tip: If you like your spot prawns a bit sweeter, you can allow the peeled prawns to sit in the fridge overnight for the sugars to develop. The texture will be less crunchy but still “bouncy.”