Summer 2024 is almost here and that means picnic season is upon us. The most important part of any picnic spread? The desserts, of course. From pies to cakes to delicate galettes, in-season berries are the secret ingredient for show-stopping summer desserts.

We’ve scoured the WL archives for our favourite summer treats to welcome in the season. These five berry-forward recipes will have everyone reaching for seconds.

(Credit: Leila Kwok)

Flourist Bakery’s Customizable Berry and Brie Galette

Start off with this easier-than-pie galette from Vancouver’s Flourist Bakery. They’re totally customizable: make them big or small, with any variation of fresh berries and fruits. Hot tip: extra dough freezes well for last minute baking!

Pistachio Cake with Strawberry Swiss Meringue Buttercream
Credit: Lyndsay Sung

A Beautiful Pistachio Cake with Strawberry Buttercream

Although the pistachios are the star of the show, the strawberry buttercream and fresh berry decoration create the perfect topping for this nutty, decadent treat. And best of all, it’s plant-based!

Credit: Oh Sweet Day

An Unexpectedly Delicious Strawberry Sponge Cake with Balsamic

Vancouver’s Oh Sweet Day bakery‘s balsamic strawberry sponge cake gives a tangy twist to the classic summer cake we know and love. Sure, its name might initially raise some eyebrows, but it’s savoury and sweet flavour will convert even the pickiest palettes.

Credit: Leila Kwok

A Strawberry Shortcake with a Secret Ingredient

In-season strawberries do the heavy lifting in Flourist Bakery’s strawberry shortcake recipe, complemented by fluffy whipped cream and an exceptionally moist yellow cake. (The secret is in the lemon simple syrup).

Credit: Tessa Huff

A Galactic Blueberry Lemon Poppy-Seed Cake

This galaxy-themed blueberry lemon poppy-seed cake will be a crowd-pleaser for both the sweet-tooth and fruit-lovers at your table. We think farm-fresh blueberries are worth the splurge to make this cake an out of this world success!