Delicious ways to top your toast.

Toast is one of the most humble foods, but if you top it right, a slice of bread can become an elegant appetizer or mid-afternoon snack. And to help narrow the field (because toast-topping options are limitless!) we’ve collected our fave crostini recipes from the WL Recipe Finder for you to try at home.

1. Fava Beans

When mixed with peppery arugula, lemon and garlic—and topped with parmesan and mint leaves—fava beans become a welcome, fresh alternative to mashed peas.

2. Grilled Halloumi with Mango-Apricot Purée

This crostini recipe from the chefs at Locus Restaurant and Lounge is the perfect way to kickstart your first patio party of the year (we’re ready for you, sunshine!); the fruit purée, combined with the halloumi cheese, creates the ultimate salty-sweet bite.

3. Wild Mushrooms and Taleggio

The best thing about this recipe from Murray Bancroft? Selecting your fave mushroom—chanterelle, lobster, hedgehog or black trumpet work particularly well—to pile atop your crispy slice of grilled bread.

4. Okanagan Tomato Bruschetta

Bobbie Burgers takes her bruschetta to the next level by first slathering the bread with homemade pesto (get her recipe for arugula pesto here!), and then topping it with crumbled blue cheese.

5. Hot Smoked Salmon

Chef Brad Holmes has some found memories of this dish—hot smoked salmon was something his grandfather used to make as a kid—and now he’s updated the recipe to include pickled shallots and crème fraÎche. We’ll take two, thank you very much!

Bonus: 8 More Ways to Top Your Toast!

According to Julie Van Rosendaal, crostini provide the foundation for myriad tasty party nibbles, and to prove it, she created eight genius combinations for you to try at home: goat cheese and fig jam, sliced roast beef with caramelized onions and horseradish, the list goes on and on.

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