Our favourite ways to enjoy that sweet Okanagan nectar.

Peach season is at its peak during July and August, meaning it’s time to stock up on the ripe, Okanagan bounty. Here, four delicious meals from the WL Recipe Finder with peach as the star ingredient—and one peach-infused cocktail to wash it all down with.

1. Grilled Corn, Black Bean and Peach Salad

This summer salad is great when served alongside chicken, pork, steak or burgers at dinner. But it also makes for one delicious lunch when eaten on its own.

2. Brie, Mozzarella and Peach Pizza

Peaches are our go-to topping, but you can also try this recipe with apricots, plums or pears. Chopped deli meats (hello honey ham and prosciutto!) can also be added.

3. Fresh-off-the-Tree Grilled Peach Salad

Grilled peaches may well be our new favourite barbecue treat. Serve with vanilla ice cream for dessert, or in this fresh, flavourful salad.

4. Grilled Maple-Sriracha Salmon and Peach Salad

This salad, topped with grilled salmon and Okanagan peaches, is the perfect summertime meal.

5. Crescendo Cocktail

Okay, you caught us. This Prosecco cocktail (a fancy version of a mimosa, if you will) is for the winter months, but we think the addition of homemade peach syrup makes it just as suitable for the patio.

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