Because sometimes it’s hard to choose between rich, decadent chocolate and fresh (healthy) fruits.

We have a major sweet tooth. And though a dessert-after-every-meal lifestyle isn’t all that sustainable (we wish!), these fruit and chocolate dishes, collected from the WL Recipe Finder, might make you feel just a little bit healthier—we’re pretty sure each of the desserts listed below counts for at least one of your daily fruit servings. And if they don’t? Who cares! Either way, you have our full blessing to indulge in this satisfying flavour combination.

1. Fondant Bar with Praline Glaze and Burnt Orange Compote

This recipes from Wayne Kozinko, pastry chef at Hawksworth Restaurant, has a playful mix of flavours and textures: smooth chocolate fondant, a crisp hazelnut base and a sticky burnt orange compote.

2. Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Tart

Made with bittersweet chocolate, this decadent dessert from Joe Fortes may seem overly sweet, but is actually perfectly balanced thanks to the addition of tart raspberries and fresh whipped cream.

3. Chocolate Banana Croquant

The classic Nutella-and-banana combination is taken to a whole other level thanks to Chef Christopher Janik of Miku.

4. Foolproof Chocolate Orange Scones

The best thing about Beaucoup Bakery‘s chocolate orange scones? They can be made in advance and frozen until needed—simply pop them in a 375-degree oven for 25 to 30 minutes and voilà!

5. White Chocolate Brioche Pudding

Forget everything you know about bread pudding—cookbook author Lesley Stowe insists her recipe, best served with a port and dried cherry sauce, is far from being the stodgy bread puddings you ate as a child.

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