Jams, jellies, marmalades and chutneys€”don’t let summer pass you by without saving a jar of your fave seasonal fruits.

The great thing about preserves is that they can be served as simply (slathered on a slice of multigrain toast) or as sophisticatedly (spread atop a creamy piece of brie cheese) as you want. So we scoured the WL Recipe Finder for our fave jam, chutney and preserve recipes to help you make the most of summer’s delicious and fruity bounty.

1. Simple Strawberry Jam

Making jam may seem time consuming, but Julie Van Rosendaal knows how to whip up a fresh batch in no time: you can cook enough for a single jar in a frying pan. This sweet strawberry variety pairs perfectly with fresh scones and homemade crème fraîche (good thing she shares her recipe for that, too).

2. Cherry and Rosemary Preserves

We’ve been going on an on about the Okanagan, sharing our fave wines, bike rides and cabins, but this is also the season for cherries. Make the most of it with this recipe for cherry and rosemary preserve—it’s best served with a slice of brie on fresh baguette.

3. Sweet Cherry Preserves in Almond Syrup

The above cherry preserves may have been more for savoury-food fans, but this recipe one from Mary Anne Dragon is for the sweeter things in life: ice cream, cheesecake and chocolate.

4. Okanagan Apricot Chutney

This flavourful chutney (made with apricots, fresh ginger, cilantro and mustard seeds), from artist and master of easy outdoor entertaining Bobbie Burgers, pairs perfectly with cheese or venison.

5. Rhuby Red Raspberry Jam

Just like grandma used to make. This simple raspberry jam is made with just three ingredients: freshly picked raspberries (use them as soon as possible), sugar and lemon juice.

6. Ginger Chili Sour-Cherry Chutney

This sweet and spicy chutney from Chef Campbell Kearns at Covert Farms (get more of his fave summer dinner recipes here) is a welcome addition to any charcuterie platter or cheese plate.

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