As the skies clear, it’s time to elevate your recipe list for the number of picnics, beach days and hikes that are coming up. We’ve made your task a little easier by compiling the best pastry recipes for all your sunny days outdoors.

6 Spring Pastry Recipes We Love

The Simplest Cream Biscuits 

Start off your new recipe journey with a simple—and sweet—cream biscuit recipe. Thanks to basic ingredients and a prep and cook time of only 30 minutes, these biscuits can be easily achieved on a breezy afternoon. Find the full recipe from Julie Van Rosendaal here.

The Perfect Blueberry Scone

Trattoria’s Zuzana Harsaghy shares a recipe is also beginner-friendly. Time to use up those frozen blueberries before piling your freezer high with fresh ones this summer. Find the full recipe here.


Beautiful Thyme Gougères

Gougères are raditionally made with just cheese, milk, butter and salt, but in this recipe author and Beaucoup Bakery founder Jackie Kai Ellis elevates a classic by infusing pepper and thyme for a more savoury taste. Pair this with a glass of champagne as you and your friends gossip about the latest episode of Succession.  Find the full recipe here.

Vanilla Peach Pie

This vanilla peach pie is the dessert you deserve on a breezy spring weekend. Made primarily with a few medium-sized peaches and vanilla extract, this recipe stands out because of its incorporation of sifted red spring wheat flour instead of regular flour.  Find the full recipe from Vancouver’s Flourist Bakery here.


The Best Banana Bread in the West

As the name implies, this Banana bread recipe from Vancouver’s Mon Pitou bakery is the best. When you’re ready to whip out this secret weapon during a picnic with friends, grab those bananas that have been sitting in your freezer for who knows how long and use this foolproof recipe. Find allt he details here.


Coconut Lemon Amaretti

Are you looking for something gluten-free? Look no further: here’s a classic Italian amaretti. These coconut lemon goodies will brighten up your day. With almond flour, sugar, shredded coconuts and 1 hour, you’ll be able to duplicate this delicious cookie. This recipe can be tailored to accommodate vegan diets as well. Find the full recipe here.